5 Ways To Start Planning Your Corporate Exit

Here at the-Coaching Blog-run by Gerard O’Donovan, our aim is to constantly bring value to those seeking to improve their lives. Therefore we have a policy of publishing articles and materials by guest authors whom we value and appreciate. Today’s guest author is Sofia Pacifico Reis (United Kingdom).

After team members went through a horrible redundancy, I spent the next few months feeling miserable.

Finally, one day, after another boring corporate meeting I took the decision that I couldn’t do it anymore. ‘Enough is enough’, I said to myself. I went back to my desk and wrote my resignation letter. You might think I was crazy, insane after all I had a family to provide for, bills to pay.  The truth is, it had to be done. It was either staying there and continuing to be treated like a ‘number’, undervalued and 2nd class or do something about it and don’t lose my marbles. Besides, I had been planning my exit for a while so now it was time to take action.

I sat in my office desk and wrote my resignation letter, filled with so many emotions and not that many words actually!! I was straight to the point, there was not much to say. I had reached my limit of boring meetings, false expectations in annual appraisals and not being paid to the same level just because I’m a girl.

I went back into my boss’s ‘enclosure’ with the letter in my hand and I fired him. There and then, I took the biggest decision of my life. Mixed emotions, excitement and dread because now I would be thrown amongst the Entrepreneurial lion ‘enclosure’. I didn’t have a clue to be honest, what I would find…the good the bad and the ugly. Even though I have been building my online foundations, there were still many Entrepreneurial challenges to face. One thing I have found since I started this journey was and still is, the amazing connections I’ve made, the mindset shifts I’ve had and the enormous knowledge I’ve learned by failing. I don’t want you to quit your 9 to 5 and start your own business without having a Plan, a Strategy and an Action road map. I want to reassure you that you don’t need to figure all this out on your own. You are doing the right thing by staying where you are and preparing your exit. That is what I did well before leaving. How I did it? I planned my way out while I was still earning an income and I believe you can too with these following 5 strategies you can start planning your exit so that one day you too can fire your boss and be in charge of your life and business.

Firstly LEARN and then learn some more but don’t overdo it because often enough is not what you know but who you know. Before I resigned, I made sure that I bought the right programs and took the necessary certifications. Not knowing is no excuse, with this era of information, there are so many places you can look into to be properly informed. You need to find out what you really want to achieve in your business and afterwards find the right programs and guidance. I have invested heavily on myself and my business without any regrets, even though I have made some unnecessary purchases along the way. What worked is that I learned to choose wisely on where and whom to invest.

Learning is not enough, you need to CONNECT with other Entrepreneurs, increasing your visibility and understanding how it feels to run a business on your own. I went to local networking groups early in the morning or meetups in the evening so that I could meet and know others in the same journey. I would ask loads of questions about their journey. This really helped me to have a feeling for what was to come. I loved networking so much that after I left corporate, I become a leader of a local women’s business networking club, which I built from the ground up.

When you put yourself out there, people start to know you and trust you and opportunities start to take shape. Learning how to LISTEN and pay attention to those opportunities is the difference between having clients and your business being just a hobby. In the beginning, nobody knew what I did, but after time showing up, perfecting what I do, it started to become clear to others and soon I had other connections referring business to me because they knew exactly what I do and who for. To help you with this, I encourage you to sit down with a friend and tell her exactly what you do and then ask her, ‘Can you now tell me what I do?’. If you do this exercise a few times with the same person, you will be surprised how much clear your mission will become.

One thing that I also needed to do is to be very clear, on whom I was targeting. You need to take time to KNOW your ideal audience to the minutest detail.  Who do you love to work with? What does she really want? Her challenges, her likes and dislikes, her age, what is she thinking, where is she hanging out online. Ask yourself these questions and draw your ideal client until you can visualise working with her.

Knowing her challenges gives you the marketing advantage to design an irresistible OFFER that is going to solve her problem. An offer does not have to be anything complex. I started with a social media management training course that I used to deliver in the evenings; afterwards it grew into online programs that I run through my member’s area. Simple is always best as long as you know what they want and need. When you find this, you have found your ‘secret sauce’.

These are all strategies that you can start doing while you are still earning. I understand is not easy to take the Leap but remember that all is possible when you want it hard enough. By starting to get the foundations in place, you’re one-step ahead for when you are ready to launch your business.

About Sofia Pacifico Reis

Co-Founder of Business Warriors Hub

Business Visibility GPS Coach & Consultant ‘With a built-in GPS to help you navigate the digital world, more exposure, more leads and more paying clients.’

Sofia is known for being the one behind YOU guiding, supporting and moving you forward with confidence through the social media & digital world. Her vast project management experience gives you the right steps in your online digital presence. Her ability to think out of the box gives you the best strategies tailored to your biz and brand’s voice helping you increase your business brand awareness and reach opportunities.

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