Transforming Company Culture to Create Greater Focus and Energy

Why is that important? Well, imagine the impact that having 1 million businesses doubling in value in the next 10 years and the impact that will have for local and national economies in terms of new employment at a time of immense change in the world.

How has your Board developed since its conceptions?


The Alpha Group is still very new and as a concept has grown fast in 24 countries around the world and although it’s a British company it is still developing brand awareness in the UK. That said, I have 10 members at my recent board meeting, and I believe in the next 3 months we will have at least 15 members. Everyone who has attended a board meeting has been impressed with the quality of the meeting and can see how they will benefit to them and their company of being involved.

I have also recruited a number of other Regional Directors in Kent and London who are in the process of setting up their boards. I think over the next 6 months we will make strong progress.

Why would you encourage business owners to be part of The Alpha Group board?

Well imagine having up to 19 experienced business owners helping you solve problems in your business. Each one of those business owners are from a different industry to your own and will have a different way of perhaps solving the problems and challenges that you are facing. Imagine having the opportunity to work on your business and having a choice of 60 Fast growth Workbooks to get you thinking about your business and coming up with an action plan you can implement the next day in your business.

Imagine having a supportive but challenging team of local business people holding you to account in a confidential mastermind session once a month.

Our goal is to help you double the value of your business in 2-­‐3 years and dominate your local market place and the board will help you every step of the way.

Email Jim at Jim.jordan@the-­‐ alpha-­‐

Spotlight on…

This month we interview Business Consultant and Regional Director Jim Jordan.

“For the past 40 years I have worked in the field of business growth. Having worked at a senior level in the Retail Industry for 25 years and then for the last 15 years in a variety of industries as a Business Consultant.

Growing a business has many aspects from Strategy development, Marketing, Product development and of course Leadership and People Development.

I work with business owners and their management team to develop three years’ strategies for growth and then work with them to deliver that plan and overcome obstacles on the way.”

Why The Alpha Group?

“I have been very successful in my career and a lot of that success was down to fostering the talent in my teams. So, I strongly believe in the power of a mastermind group. ”

“What really convinced me about The Alpha Group is the ambition to have a million Alpha Boards Worldwide over the next 10 years.”

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