The Creative Memories with TEAM NEETIBISHT

Team NeetiBisht organized their fourth annual “ART KING & QUEEN-2023” award ceremony and juried exhibition in Goa from November 3-6, 2023, at the Ujwal Art Gallery and Garden Villa Hotel.

Mr. Sandeep Sarkaria, an international athlete; Mr. Dinesh Rawat, another international athlete; Mr. Sourabh Vij, an Indian shot putter, and Mr. C. S. Bisht, an expert in strategic affairs, graced the opening ceremony with their presence. Mr. Sarkaria and Mr. Rawat purchased a few of the displayed products. The four-day exhibition featured various activities like sketching, caricature making, portrait making, beach exhibitions, and poetry recitation.

The following creative minds contributed: Bristi Parvin, Francisco Perez Alonso, Rupa Trivedi, Dr. Anita Rajani, Dipa Sharma, Vivek Singh, Chetna, Kalai Selvi, Aayat Shaikh, Kartik Sharma, Thierry, Prashant, Mohanish Rao, and Neeti.

┬áDuring the exhibition, Alexyz, a celebrated cartoonist from Goa, visited with his talented family and praised Miss Neeti Bisht’s artistic vision. Miss Bisht’s book, “Delhi Born,” was the bestseller of the event, and the team expressed their gratitude to everyone who purchased the displayed books and paintings.

The Closing Ceremony was graced by Mr. Yves Lanthier, an American-Canadian artist. Prashant B. Honakhande won the ART KING 2023 title in the Painting category, Rupa Trivedi won the ART QUEEN 2023 title in the Poetry category, and Vivek Singh won the ART KING 2023 title in the Photography category. The team would like to express their gratitude to everyone who supported the cause and encouraged the participants.

Attention all creative individuals!

The ART KING & QUEEN – 2024 is currently open for submissions to be held in the UAE (terms and conditions apply) in October 2024. We welcome entries in a variety of categories, such as Painting, Literature, Programming, Photography, and Performing Arts.

If you wish to submit your work, please send an email to or with a brief bio and images or videos of your creations. Kindly note that there are participation fees and terms and conditions.

To keep yourself informed about the juried exhibition and the award ceremony, follow us on our social media platforms such as Instagram – @teamneetibisht, Telegram –, LinkedIn –, YouTube –, and visit our website –

2 thoughts on “The Creative Memories with TEAM NEETIBISHT”

  1. It is very heartening to read about your wonderful exhibition in Goa and all the experiences each one of you had during this milestone event. It is indeed very enterprising of Ms Niti Bisht to have taken the initiative in organizing this eye opening exhibition in the most enriching environment of Goa.
    I wish Team Niti Bisht resounding success and many more milestones in this most noble sphere of art and culture.
    Blessings from the Universe

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed myself…a very well organized and arranged Art Exhibition by team Neeti Bisht. Got to meet new artists make new friends and get to know of their fantabulous pieces of artwork

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