Season’s greetings & Special 2022 acknowledgment

Dear all,

As the year draws to a close, this is a wonderful time to spend with the people you love.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank you for following us and to wish you …

As an organization we have a vision and a mission to generate a paradigm shift in the world trough the work we do.

We are dedicated to achieving this step by step on a global scale.

Here at Noble Manhattan, we get inspired by people sharing the same values as us, by people’s dedication to touching people’s lives and leadership – that driving inner force stimulating us to break barriers and transforming the impossible to the possible.

Each of us is an extraordinary human being with a unique set of gifts which have the power to shine out there in the world. We just need to dare and to allow ourselves to dream big dreams.

We all deserve to be acknowledged for our dedication, determination and the courage to follow our dreams and hearts. We are looking forward with enthusiasm and joy to the best year ever–2023.

Our wish for you in this New Year is for you to shine!

A great inspiration for us this year in terms of contribution to our vision, to facilitate people’s growth and demonstrate leadership was one of our close partners. We want to use this opportunity to publicly acknowledge the determination and the courage to go beyond any inner limitation and to impact people’s lives on a larger scale.

Starting this year, we will instigate a new tradition to celebrate the top contributors to our mission and vision.

Reviewing this year at Noble Manhattan, we want to acknowledge one of our amazing Master Distributors for a great impact in her region and beyond.

Therefore, we are very happy to nominate

the Master Distributor of the Year 2022 – for leadership and a great contribution to people’s growth – Larisa Cepoi

Larisa is the Master Distributor for Moldova, Romania, Hungary and Serbia.

With huge passion she has built a vibrant multinational community by being a coaching ambassador in action and for spreading our vision.

Fantastic work Larisa!We’re sure you can break more barriers in the years to come and we are looking forward to this.

We are massively thankful to all of you, our followers, students and partners. You all are dedicated human beings and we’re looking forward to have more amazing years together.

As an organisation, in the next year, we will continue to change the world through coaching and continue to fulfil our vision in creating a paradigm shift.

We are looking forward for a fantastic 2023 together!



Vali Cojocaru – Managing Director
Gerard O’Donovan – CEO

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