PCD Residential Face to Face. Join Us!

The first Face to Face, PCD Residential is happening again after 3 years!!!

We are expecting a large turnout of students, so the sooner you book the better.

This is a longer email, but it is important that you read it before confirming your attendance to the residential.

Just email me: mimi@europe-ce.net

The Residential will be on July 7th ,8th and 9th (Friday , Saturday & Sunday) in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The training ends at 17:30 (5:30 pm) on Sunday the 9th. 

If you are travelling, please book your return to be after the training, including time needed to get to airport, check-ins etc.

The hotel will provide free airport pickups and drop offs. (I will arrange it once I get your flight details).

On July 10th, we will be holding a Business Building Day with Gerard O’Donovan. 

Some of you may have heard of him. More about this later in the email.

First-Time Students:

The requirements to attend a Residential for the first time are:

As a First time student (attendee), you will need to have submitted the following work by June 30th to your student support / MD.

  • Book Critique
  • 1 Essay
  • Updated EP with Module Reflective notes for:
    • Conversation
    • Listening Skills
    • Question Skills
    • TGROW
  • Updated EP with Audio (webinar)  Reflective notes for:
    • Four Pillars of Coaching (Found in the conversation folder on the nmcma site)
    • Listening Skills part 1 &2 (You may listen to two different presenters on this topic and complete the notes for part one from one presenter and part two from the other presenter)
    • Questioning Skills part 1&2 (You may listen to two different presenters on this topic and complete the notes for part one from one presenter and part two from the other presenter)
    • TGROW

For Returning Students:

  • Please bring your Residential / CTE handbook from your first Residential / Online CTE
  • The Training is Free for you , but you will be required to cover the cost of your room and meals.

The Trainers:

Day 1 – Gerard O’Donovan (Fellow Coach)

Day 2 – Di Mclanachan (Master Coach, NLP best selling author)

Day 3 – Katrin Prentice (Master Coach)

There will be running translations into Bulgarian for those who need it. Please let me know if you are one of the Bulgarians that need this.

The Venue:

The Residential will be held at the Jasmine Hotel.

For those travelling, the hotel does have a local Bank-a-mat (ATM) machine at reception.

So it is easy to get local currency, if needed, by using your credit/debit card.

There is a local mini market right next to the hotel for basic supplies.

First-time students, we are covering your accommodation costs for Friday night and Saturday Night. 

We also cover your meals during the training.

  • Breakfast, lunch and Dinner on Friday and Saturday.
  • Breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

First time students you will be required to stay at the hotel during the training, regardless if you are local to the venue area. Any extra nights are covered by you.

We suggest that you arrive on the 6th , if possible, and spend the night in the hotel. 

There are a few reasons for this.

1. We start the day early Friday morning at (0h, my, it’s early) 8:30 am. We want all of you to be well rested and fresh for the day’s training. 


We do not want you to be stuck in traffic, or miss your training morning because you are dealing with checking into the hotel. 

It’s best to do all this on the day before, and be free from dealing with the distractions of logistics on Friday morning when we start.

2. The reason for the requirement to stay at the hotel even if you live in the area, is to be able to unplug form the normal everyday tasks

3. We want you to be totally submerged in the learning experience of what is taught and experienced

4. We want you to bond with each other over the three days, share experiences, tips, help, etc.

This is why. We want you to get the most out of your learning experience during the residential.


Every student will have their own private room with on suite bathroom.

Family members:

We do allow you to bring your partners & children with you during the weekend, but there are a few rules to be applied:

  1. Obviously, your loved ones will not be able to attend the training
  2. Your partners / or older loved ones will have to take care of the younger ones during the training
  3. The extra costs for their meals and room will be covered by you.

Meals: I will send a separate email about this closer to the date

Booking Cancellation: There is a cancellation fee up to 250 Euros, that will be applied IF you confirm your participation and then cancel or do not show. 

COVID & Government restrictions:

As of now we do not foresee any restrictions being placed upon anyone from anywhere.


  • If you are travelling from outside Bulgaria, please check on what this means for you;
  • If for some reason the Governments implement restrictions that make your travel to the residential impossible or cause us cancel the residential, we will not be responsible for any travel reimbursements
  • Obviously, if this happens the cancellation fees would be waived

Official confirmation:

Now that you have read the above, please, confirm your participation in the July face-to-face Residential.

By sending back an email confirmation to me, you confirm that:

  1. you have submitted the above mentioned work / or intend to submit it beforeJune 30th
  2. that you understand and accept the above terms and explanation

If your answer is YES to both, then send me a reply to this email confirming your attendance.

This will be considered your official reply and I will set in motion what needs to be done for you.

July 10th – Business Building Day:

The Business Building Day is a separate standalone course.

It is not coach training but focuses more on ‘How to build a coaching practice’.

It is a one day event and is taught by Gerard O’Donovan, founder and CEO of Noble Manhattan Coaching.

It will be at the same venue, Jasmin Hotel on the 10th of July.

What does this mean for you?

If you are interested in attending this training, then let me know by email.

The fee will be 

€160 for one person, 

€245 for three people (in leva 320лв за един човек, 495 лв за трима човека).

If you are planning to attend this day and would like to stay in your hotel room, that is probably the best. Any room/meal fees will be covered by you.

If you intend to stay at the same hotel for the night in order to attend the business building day, please, let me know in advance, so we can arrange with the hotel to reserve the room for you.

Ok, I think this is all for now.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email them to me. mimi.studentsupport@noble-manhattan.com

Looking forward to seeing your confirmations.

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