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We are now at the start of July, glorious weather, and slowly heading towards the end of lockdown restrictions here in the UK.

It just makes you feel so much better when the sun is shining. I have just returned from a four-day, Adventure Motorbike Travel Festival.


Lots of Love,

Gerard O’Donovan

Founder and CEO

the Noble Manhattan Group

Most Outstanding Life & Corporate Coach Training Company 2021

The 2021 Global Business Insight Awards celebrate business leadership, innovation in finance and investment and sector success across all seven continents of the world. We are delighted to tell you that Noble-Manhattan Coaching Ltd., has been selected as Most Outstanding Life & Corporate Coach Training Company 2021.

We are grateful to these award bodies for recognising Noble Manhattan. These awards are a real reflection of the caring and consideration of our wonderful faculty, mentors and partnership teams.

News from Coaching Support Group – Montréal

It is with great joy we would like to announce the launch of our latest coaching support group in Montréal, Canada headed up by a magnificent team.

Please join us in welcoming them and wishing them every success possible, please also feel free to go to the social media links below and like.

Allow us to introduce our exceptional team that made this happen:

President: Reem Ghannoum

Vice President: Maria Tedim

Education & Training Manager: Larise Balcon

Event Manager: Nayo Gariepy

Marketing & Communications Manager: Dar’ya Sas

Project Manager: Abeer Amayri

Without each and everyone of our team members, we wouldn’t have made it, and the best is yet to come!

These are their social media accounts:

The 1st CSG Montreal Event

On Thursday, June 17th at 6:30 PM, the Coaching Support Group Montreal hosted a one of a kind event that included 2 exceptional international speakers, Ali PashaPolicy Advisor & Story Coach and Kalika HastingsPublic Relations Specialist. They had an engaging open Q&A session as well as breakout rooms for Masterminds!

The group’s vision is to create a community where they can Inspire, Empower and Educate anyone and anywhere through the power of Coaching! It was all you can imagine and more.

The next event is on Thursday, July 15th with yet another speaker, topic, and more fun!

For more information or to register for the next event kindly click HERE.

A New Wonderful Website Created by Our New Team in Kenya

We are delighted to share with you all the new website created by our Team in Kenya.

It looks absolutely wonderful, well done to Zeinab and her IT Team!

You can check out their website HERE.

NM UK’s 2 New Courses This September

Elegant Coaching…

…when an NLP intervention has worked effectively, it is referred to as being “elegant’.

Join Di McClanachan on this 4 x 1/2 day course designed for those who have some understanding of NLP, from beginners to qualified practitioners, and who would like to further explore the application of its techniques to self-improvement. The course is ideally suited for coaches, therapists, counsellors, and anyone in a mentoring capacity. It is also excellent for the individual seeking to become their “best self“ on a consistent basis.

Enquire about the Elegant Coaching Course now and you can be on your way not only to helping others but also improving your earning potential. This course equates to 16 hours of CPD.

More information HERE.

Child & Adolescent Coaching

There has never been a better time to consider coaching young people.

It may be years, before students are able to plan with confidence and prepare for their exams and future lives. Courses start in the Autumn and places are filling fast.

For more information and a free E-Book visit HERE.

Be Part of the No.1 Life & Business Coaching Magazine

International Coaching News (iCN) is inviting you to submit articles for the upcoming editions. Be part of the no.1 Life & Business Coaching Magazine and share your knowledge and expertise.

iCN is accepting original articles, case studies, personal stories, & book reviews on the following themes:

· 35th Edition – Business Coaching: Building your Organisation

Article Deadline: end of August 2021

Release Date: Nov 2021

· 36th Edition – Using NLP in Coaching

Article Deadline: 2nd week of October 2021

Release Date: Feb 2022

37th Edition – The Dynamics of Team Coaching

Article Deadline: end of February 2022

Release Date: May 2022

· 38th Edition – Life Coaching: Professional Growth & Direction

Article Deadline: end of May 2022

Release Date: August 2022

Don’t Miss Out on This Opportunity to Get Your Article Published in an International Magazine.

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