Noble Manhattan is appointing a new Managing Director

Noble Manhattan is delighted to announce that its worldwide family continues to grow and to develop globally. We are very happy to welcome

Vali Cojocaru as our new International Managing Director.

new international managing director

We’ve been working with Vali in the last 15 years in various roles. In her new position she will continue to support Noble Manhattan’s development.

Having extensive knowledges about the company and the industry she is here to contribute to our vision and the positive impact of our organization globally.

Noble Manhattan has definitely gained a great partner in Vali, a dedicated person committed to continue our mission globally.For more information please contact Noble Manhattan at or on 0800-191-0100.Founded in 1993, Noble Manhattan is one of the longest established life, executive and corporate coach training companies in the world providing accredited life, executive and corporate coach training. With the now 900+ life coach training companies trading worldwide we stand for Accreditation to protect and develop the coaching industry. We have to date trained more than 25,000 coaches worldwide.

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