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Coaching Course with Eric Maisel

“We are pleased to offer exclusive scholarships to attendees of our recent online presentation.”

To apply simply go to the website and scroll down to the bottom and click on the button that says– Apply for Your Scholarship–


Until the end of the month ( September) we are also giving away for free the following.

  1. Lifetime membership of Coach-Finder— the world’s largest register of online coaches, in order to help you raise your brand and profile and get clients-¬†¬†normally $300
  2. Full access to our-Build Your Coaching Practice— course which we normally sell for $200

No Obligation-

When you apply for a scholarship you are absolutely under no obligation to unroll on the programme..

SO- NOW- go to-

Scroll to the bottom and apply for your scholarship without any ongoing commitment on your part. You will then see what our scholarship panel is able to offer you-

As Well As a Large Scholarship — We Also Offer Extended Payment Plans —

Explore new mediums, techniques, and ideas with our comprehensive creativity coaching curriculum. Open the Door to Endless Possibilities:

Join Our Community of Creative Thinkers and Experience the Magic of Our Creativity Coaching!

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