iCN’s 37th Edition – the Dynamics of Team Coaching is Ready to Download

International Coaching News (iCN) online magazine is proud to announce the release of our 37th edition, with the theme The Dynamics of Team Coaching.

This is inspired by helping people understand how to work better with others. It is an effective method for showing teams how to reduce conflict and improve their working relationships.

For this edition, look out for the article ‘6 Tips for Effectively Managing Your Team’ by Anne Bachrach. Anne enumerates how to improve your team management skills and reach success together. Another noteworthy article ‘3 Reasons Why Team Coaching Can Make Your Company A Great Place To Work’ by Sonia Brown. In this article Sonia discusses that team coaching requires an ability to differentiate between the role of a leader and the functions of leadership in order to change, create and maintain innovate, healthy and high performing teams. ‘Coaching with NLP Meta Programmes’ by Tülin Zamantıli, Tülin shares 7 NLP Meta Programmes to help you understand people better.

Each of our columnists, too numerous to mention individually, has taken some really interesting perspectives, and I would encourage a thorough read-through of this edition.

Just like all our other editions, this is not just an interesting read, but it provides you with helpful personal development ideas and professional development techniques to grow your business and improve your lifestyle. 

To download, please register on the website and click MAGAZINE.  You will be prompted to fill up your information then it will directly take you to the download page.

I hope you enjoy this issue and do let us know if there are any topics you’d like to see covered 

All the best,
Lovelia A. Caracut
Editor, iCN Magazine

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