How to run your own profitable subscription programme Webinar

Good afternoon from a rainy Weymouth.

Just imagine:

On the first day of every month you receive (in advance) the income for your month’s work…

Oh, what a difference this makes – to everything

  • No more chasing clients for money and no bad debts
  • Cashflow sorted! You know where you stand – and you stand tall
  • Totally relaxed, totally focused on delivering value to your clients

“But Peter, how do I do this?”

Here’s the answer to this important question:

You run your very own Profitable Subscription (or Membership) Programme

Yes, so now is the time to join me for this jam-packed session and discover:

How to: 

•        Run your whole subscription/membership system’ from anywhere you have internet accessHome – office – holiday villa – beach – mountaintop – you choose
And without nightmares about technology

•        Create the content when and where it suits – you
Early morning, late at night, at the kitchen table, sitting in the park, dressed or pyjamas – your choice
Without worrying about, “Will anyone believe me?”

•        Get new members/subscribers through a proven process
Like clockwork – without breaking the bank on marketing spend
Attracting a worldwide audience, if that’s what you want

•        Deliver your content in the way you prefer
‘One to Many’ rather than just 121 (what a brilliant use of your time)

Love making videos – perfect!
Hate making videos – no problem
Love to write – great
Love to speak – this works too
You choose…

•        Constantly increases your reputation and your significance in your chosen market

And, most importantly…

You decide which of these ‘5 Proven Models’ is best suited to you (maybe more than one)

You know, having a subscription or membership programme is the ideal ‘breeding ground’ for your high-fee-paying clients too

You know me well enough: Having successfully run membership and subscription programmes since 1998 (23 years) I wouldn’t tell you this unless it were true:

Subscription programs are no longer just a trendTheyre a proven method of sharing your knowledge and experience (and The Magic Ingredient – this makes the money)

*** And over the turbulent times of 2020/21 – I’ve uncovered these 7 extra money-making ideas (I’ll share them with you, in detail, so you can use them too)

My BIG blunders, Crazy Cock-Ups and Stunning Successes all shared

Ill throw the doors wide and show you how to avoid the costly (and time consuming) mistakes I made and how to make your life delicious as an author and publisher of your very own subscription or membership programme

Oh, what a wonderful feeling this is…

Better get registered now – I’m thinking (25th will soon be here)

Webinar: How to Run a Profitable Subscription (or Membership) Programme
Date: Tuesday 25th May 2021
Time: 9:30 am BST (UK)
Duration: One hour (content-rich) plus Q & A

Yes, there will be time for questions

I’m already excited

See you there