During these times, we are all having to find new ways to do business and grow. Join The Alpha Group Leaders every month as they talk about leadership, business, entrepreneurship, marketing and ways of beating this crisis. This is the deep value of shared experience and collective intelligence.

The Alpha Group and Noble Manhattan is continuing the FORESIGHT SERIES – our monthly FREE lectures on business growth and leadership.

Join us on 24 October 2023 from 1:00 PM (BST) for a FREE lecture with Joanne Kabiru on how to create productivity as individuals, teams and organisations.


  • How to create productivity as individual
  • How to create productivity for teams
  • How to build a strong performance culture in your organisation

Join us TOMORROW to learn more.

About Joanne

Joanne is a Certified Productivity Coach who assists clients in maximising their potential and attaining their goals so as to live a totally intentional and fulfilling life. She provides the tools, strategy and support to help individual and companies to create meaningful change. Having achieved maximum results in her almost 2 decades career in Business Operations and Administration in the financial sector in East Africa and including the coaching certification, it has empowered her to share the same through coaching. Today, Joanne offers individual coaching sessions, group programs and seminars

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