Exciting News From Noble Manhattan

To the Noble Manhattan Worldwide Family

Exciting News

Good morning Everyone from a beautiful sunny Weymouth.

We Have Some Very Exciting News to Share with You All.

We are shortly going to launch one of the world’s first ever– Creativity Coach Training Programs- which will qualify you as an – Internationally Accredited Creativity Coach

We have been working on this for quite a long time– this is in collaboration with the world-famous author– Eric Maisel-


Eric is one of the grandfathers of coaching and has written over 50 books !

This incredible course which will be spread out over one year — comprising 250 dynamic information packed lessons.

IT Will be dedicated to help people not only release their own creativity BUT -very importantly giving you the Tools, Knowledge, Techniques, and Ability to work with clients and release their creativity and help them to become a true success — as well as helping you to release your own wonderful-Creativity– and achieve the SUCCESS-in your own life

When we launch– we will be offering it at a rock bottom-never to be seen again– Introductory Launch Price

Would you like to know more ??

If yes please simply go Creativity Coaching – Helping you to develop your artistic and humanistic talents.

And read all about it -you can even register your interest with no obligation.

Let Me Know What You Think Please

More Exciting Information about This Program Coming Very Soon-

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