Don’t limit your opportunities. A positive mind finds a way!

As the business environment becomes more complex and complicated, many CEO’s are experiencing greater levels of pressure and stress; but why do it alone?

You may have read the books, did the courses and sat through numerous presentations in order to improve your leadership skills. However, sometimes this is not enough to take your business in the direction you need it to go.

The Alpha Group brings together a group of CEO’s on a monthly basis to look at strategic challenges in their business. By coming together not only does it accelerate their learning but provides solutions, accountability and fast tracked learning.

And that’s not all.

It’s not just about discussing challenges but exploiting opportunities to double the value of their business within two/three years plus dominate their sector!

These advisory boards are a great opportunity to share the experience of those who have been there, done that and seen it before. That way attendees can avoid the pitfalls and more importantly the stress and anxiety of working alone. It’s all about the big picture not the day to day tasks that keep you bogged down

“Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire.” Napoleon Hill

Running your own business means that you are responsible for its success. You have sales to make; employees and suppliers to pay and on top of that you have to stay self-motivated as you execute your strategy for success.

Why The Alpha Group?

It’s not easy being responsible for your business and that is why you need a safe zone where you can not only discuss your business problems and opportunities in a confidential setting but receive the emotional support that is often lacking for business owners. That’s why it’s good to be around other CEO’s who will not only motivate you but hold you accountable to get things done.

The value of your The Alpha Group Advisory Board is simple.

It provides a great opportunity to tap into shared knowledge and connections to get the most out of your staff and resources. It enables you to introduce better systems and more importantly a focused approach to looking at the long term growth of your business.

For further information and dates email: sonia.brown@the-alpha-



Announcing the Inaugural Noble Manhattan Coaching and The Alpha Group Conference

Come and join us in beautiful Antalya in southern Turkey on the 21   22 2019 for the first of its kind conference ever in the history of Noble Manhattan and The ALPHA Group. This conference will be small, intimate and incredibly motivating- with a focus on Building Your Personal Coaching Business

Simply complete the form below to register your interest, you are absolutely under no obligation whatsoever-

However, if you do register your interest, you will automatically be entitled to the early bird price of £49.50 instead of the normal price of £197.50, this conference will be different to almost all others we are deliberately keeping it small, intimate with the chance to listen to mingle and meet with some of the best business development consultants and coaches in the world.!!!!

People who really are working with businesses helping them to double within 2 to 3 years and building their own coaching consulting practices like crazy !!!!

We have also negotiated the most incredible deal with the four-star hotel.

For approximately £45 per person- double room, ensuite, balcony, breakfast, lunch, evening meal, unlimited teas coffees and snacks, and incredibly — unlimited alcohol

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