Corporate America Today – Annual Awards – 2023

Hi everyone,

just sharing this email with you all– well done to Ian


Welcome to the Corporate America Today – Annual Awards – 2023.

Renowned for its unrivalled reach and targeted readership, now with a subscriber base totalling 427,554, the publication is at the forefront of all matters corporate, reaching professionals and board level decision makers, dealmakers, game changers, and all those advising, actively in the U.S business market. We are pleased to count CEO’s, CFO’s, Partners, Owners, Presidents, Directors, Litigators and Mediators as some of our most avid readers.

I am pleased to be reaching out to you, confirming your following accolade for 2023 as follows;

Best for Life & Corporate Coach Training – UK

Please click the following link to see the 2022 winners;

Corporate America Today Magazine >>>

In achieving the above accolade, and winning this award, there comes some important benefits.

Your firm will be permitted to utilise the winner’s logo on your website, company emails and your own marketing literature, both internally and externally, if you wish to, (free of charge – charges apply for any adjustments made to the generic winner’s logo), and in just about any other way you and your firm chooses.

Your firm will also receive shortly, the official winner’s press release, which can be used for further marketing both internally and externally as you and your firm decide.

We will shortly be publishing the Corporate America Today – Annual Awards – 2023 edition, within which, there are a number of opportunities for you and your firm to highlight the brand and individual/s, that have played a significant role in the success of the business, which has ultimately resulted in this award and no doubt others.

The Awards publication will receive great exposure, both via our own subscriber base, but also, via a number of third-party platforms, that will add significantly more awareness of your recent achievement.

Once published your firm will receive both digital copies and printed copies (number dependent on option selected from those options offered below);

I hope all the above is clear, however should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly via the following;

+1 (646) 412 3350

Best regards,

Jay Colston

Corporate America Today

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