Building Trust in a Hybrid Business Environment

During these times, we are all having to find new ways to do business and grow. Join The Alpha Group Leaders every month as they talk about leadership, business, entrepreneurship, marketing and ways of beating this crisis. This is the deep value of shared experience and collective intelligence.

The Alpha Group and Noble Manhattan is continuing the FORESIGHT SERIES – our monthly FREE lectures on business growth and leadership.

Join us on 24th May 2022 from 1 PM (GMT+1) for a FREE lecture with Frank Croswell onĀ Building Trust in a Hybrid Business Environment.

During this 1-hour FREE lecture, you will learn:

  • Why building and maintaining TRUST is more difficult in a Hybrid business environment.
  • How to earn TRUST in the initial contact and how to nurture TRUST during all interactions.
  • How to retain TRUST to build long term business relationships.

Frank is the Managing Director of Wilson Learning South Africa. He has over 30 years of consulting and facilitation experience, in multi-cultural environments. Frank has helped major companies improve company and individual performance in the areas of Leadership, Sales and Individual Effectiveness, across a number of industries, in 65 countries, on 4 continents.

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