Breaking Free from Perfectionism: Embracing Flaws for a Happier Life

Perfection! A mesmerizing 10-letter word we have been chasing since birth to eternity. Isn’t it? From childhood, we are taught to dress perfectly, sit perfectly, learn perfectly, walk perfectly, and so on. But do you ever wonder who sets the criteria for this so-called perfection? And who holds the reins to its elusive process and ever-shifting principles?

Maybe, you may not know the right answers to the above questions. But you just guessed right, how harshly we all are trapped in the chains of perfectionism. The chains of perfectionism have entangled our creativity, our self-belief, and, most importantly, our authenticity. We have lost our true selves to this adorable adjective PERFECTION.

Let’s learn what perfectionism is and how to set yourself free in this world that strives for perfectionism.

Perfection: An Alluring Illusion

If someone ever asks me what perfection is, I might describe it as an alluring illusion. An illusion where we want to live flawlessly. That’s something non-attainable in this life as even the sweetest mango tree produces some sour fruits. Flaws are the only truth of life that we can’t avoid throughout the journey.

Still, in pursuing this unattainable ideal, people often lose sight of their true selves. With its lofty standards, the devil of perfection tolls our self-esteem, mental health, and overall well-being. 

The Dark Side of Perfectionism

Are you also one among those who feel once you attain perfection, everything and everyone around you will turn peaceful and happy? Then let me split coffee on your assumption. Perfection does not always have to be accompanied by happiness. In fact, perfectionism carries a dark side where self-doubt and self-criticism thrive. The self-doubts create factors like anxiety, depression, and mental burnout. Thus, it is important to set yourself free from the chain of perfectionism.

Start Embracing Your Imperfections

Accepting imperfections is the first step to setting yourself free from the chains of perfectionism. Acknowledge your flaws and accept them as a part of your uniqueness. Your soul deserves no perfection but all love. You are meant to stand unique among the crowd. Thus, once you unlock the doors of self-acceptance and self-compassion, you liberate yourself from the shackles of perfectionism.

Mistakes Aren’t A Sign Of Failure But Resemble The Struggle

I have often seen people regretting their past mistakes. And wonder why people regret these valuable opportunities. Yes, my friends, mistakes are often seen as failures, but they are valuable opportunities for growth and learning. Your every mistake is a stepping stone towards personal development. Accept your mistakes, release the fear of imperfection, and mark on the journey of self-growth.

Perfection Follows Process

Rather than seeking perfection and barring your personal growth, why don’t you manifest a wonderful and effective process? Rather than focusing on the results, focus on the journey. If you start worrying about the fruits the next day after sowing seeds, you can never enjoy its growth process. Set realistic goals, work harder to meet them, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, celebrate small victories, and enjoy your journey. This won’t lead you toward perfectionism but will fill you with fulfillment and self-empowerment.

Surround Yourself With Supportive Peers

What do we do to the branches that dry up? We cut them off, isn’t it? That’s how life is supposed to carry forward. Cut off the negativity and surrounds yourself with happy and supportive humans. Breaking free from the chains of perfectionism is not a solitary journey. Build a supportive community of like-minded individuals who celebrate your imperfections. Bridge with others who share similar experiences. And fills you with encouragement, inspiration, and a sense of belonging.

#BecomingFlawesome – The Ultimate Key To Breaking The Chains Of Perfectionism

Well, embracing your flaws isn’t as simple as it sounds. It takes years of meditation and spiritual learning to accept your flaws. But there’s an easier way as well. With the book “Becoming Flawesome.” Learn from the real-life story of Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani how to embrace flaws and live a happier life alongside them, rather than despite them – “Flawesome” = “flaw” + “awesome”.

Further, the author has presented mind-boggling relatable examples from her real life. And, I’d like to finish with Kristina’s words:

“The only person whose rejection you have to fear is your own. As long as you can accept yourself, the world has no choice but to accept you as well. And if it doesn’t, you won’t give a damn anyway.”

Thus, start accepting yourself and rock your life.

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Natasha Zo is a former journalist from Siberia turned international media relations specialist. She runs a remote PR agency for personal growth leaders and wellness coaches. She is on a mission to bring messages of wellness and mental health into mainstream media. Her team has launched a number of Amazon bestsellers, booked national TV, and over 400 podcast interviews. Leading up to this she lived on 3 different continents, volunteered in Central America, managed a high-performing marketing team in Asia, and worked with refugees, dragging her slightly overweight suitcase around the world. She is an aspiring freelance writer, motivated by telling the stories of inspiring people she meets on her journey. 






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