Another excellent, and free, ‘Foresight’ lecturech

Here is another excellent opportunity to enjoy some free training, Courtesy of The Alpha Group and Noble Manhattan Coaching. I expect Personal Development is central to your life and to those around you; it’s always good to hear someone’s ‘take’ on how to improve. Just Remember: “Fortune favours the prepared mind”

The Alpha Group and Noble Manhattan is continuing the FORESIGHT SERIES – our monthly FREE lectures on business growth and leadership.

Join us on 27th May 2021 from 1 PM (GMT+1) for the 10th lecture with André Kruse about The 90 Day Burn.

During this 1-hour FREE lecture, André will share with you the characteristics or elements required to elevate you from one level to the next or desired level. There are 5 broad points that are addressed; each expanded on slightly and why they are so critically important. The information is practical, can be implemented immediately with lasting results.

The premise is that too many people start something but perhaps give up too fast, like a new years resolution. You need to stick with it, let it be habit forming to eventually become a lifestyle. These few simple elements and using the tools that are mentioned should assist people in the elevation process and The 90 Day Burn.

During this lecture you will:

  • Tap into more of your potential
  • Miss fewer opportunities
  • Prevent your problems from amplifying

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André is a Master Educator in tri-angular balance of Sales, Customer Service and Leadership. His workshops aim to equip people for win-win-win scenarios and for lasting significance. He started in this sector after listening to sales people fumbling their calls and not preparing what and how they were going to say and present their offerings. The same applied for when he was approached by sales people. With a background in sales, the high pressure and deadline driven world of advertising and research, in his own endeavours he realised that only a small shift in how you treat customers yields BIG results. This approach resulted in winning an award for the company. People enjoy André’s workshops for the important information he shares that help to uniquely equip individuals to set them apart from the rest so that they can ensure the customer comes back the next time – every time.

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