A Great Business Opportunity

Would you like to share your business expertise and executive coaching skills with SME’s? Well, if you have the following characteristics ….

Strong leadership skills, self- confidence and an entrepreneurial spirit
Strong financial acumen Experienced managing 8-12 or more employees
Part of a well-established business network within your community
High self-awareness and emotional intelligence The ability to connect with
people and lead groups of high achievers Confidence to challenge senior executives and hold them accountable for their actions
Self-starter with availability to dedicate a minimum of 20 hours per week to grow your group
Impeccable integrity and work ethic
Ability to listen, probe, challenge, clarify and generate insights in individuals

Then The Alpha Group wants YOU!


The Alpha Group are looking for Regional Directors.

Take a look at this short taster video which highlights the role, benefits and opportunities of running your own exclusive peer to peer advisory board at https://youtu.be/ N9YNw61OoTU

Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of
thought.” Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill coined the concept of the mastermind alliance in his classic book ‘Think and Grow Rich’. He believed that a group of like-minded, achievement- oriented individuals could dramatically leverage each other’s success.

Of course people thereby have collaborated for mutual benefit since the beginning of time. The process of creating a Peer Mastermind Group simply provides a focus and structure for applying that support on an ongoing basis.

The 3 Keys to Peer to Peer Groups

A group is only as effective as the strength of these 3 elements:

The Structure:
Without a strong structure Peer groups tend to devolve into social gatherings or simply fade away. The structure ensures equal contribution and participation as well as maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

The Commitment:
The group must take priority in your life or you may as well not bother. Make this a priority and your life can literally transform. It is easy to let this, like other commitments in our life slide— with the same undesirable consequences. Reduced trust in self and others. Less results and progress on goals that are important to you. Far less pro- active support for your dreams.

The People:
The synergy created between like- minded people who are committed to growing, evolving and manifesting for themselves and others, can be a catalyst for everyone involved to attain new heights of achievement. Different perspectives can serve to ensure that people are seeing all sides of the equation. However, people who are too dissimilar can struggle to find common ground and bring discord to the group.

Ask yourself:
“What if there were 19 other people that as they moved forward in their life and business were also thinking about me, about how they could support me, how they could include me, how they could create for me, and I was doing the same for the other 19 people in my group… what might that mean to my life?” what would it mean to my business.

If you would ike to find out where your nearest Board is visit: https:// the-alpha-group.biz/

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